10 11th, 2010

In today’s rapid evolving society, some are confronted with the frontier of evolution, driven by the female force, the female desires and needs, what lovers qualify for women of the internet age? Do they still like romantic and tender men? or are women of the internet age looking for prehistoric strong men who fuck their brains out a couple of times per day? Well I have been doing my research in the frontier of this battle field and have noticed some things, I think that cuckolding is booming and more and more hot wives realize that they are way to strong for their weak male partners and that there are many women on the internet placing ads, ads which goes something like this…hot wife seeks strong bull with big cock and mostly when clicking the ad you will read something like, wanted strong potent bull who is also well endowed to fuck sexy 36 year old wife while husband watches….
I think cuckolding will be growing out of the fantasy into the reality of many many cuckold wimps who got to hot wives for them to handle, besides this cuckolds will be put in place more and more as cuckolding goes mainstream, more and more women will learn how to handle cuckolds and know that they are best to be servants and bill payers or they should get the hell out, well and to all those cucks and wannabe’s who don’t get their daily humiliations from their wife or girlfriend more and more sites are catering to you, and I’m also going to help those with some nice

The sexy hot wife in this interracial cuckold video goes to a relation therapist complaining about her husbands lack of bedroom performance and lack of penis size, the doctor prescribes two big black cocks and the husband will be supporting the wife he lucky bastard ;)

Cuckold Dating

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03 14th, 2010

Cuckold dating searching for a Cuckoldress can be really hard for many cucks I have spoken with, getting the sexual thrills only cuckolding relationships can give is a big need for the cuckolds I have spoken with and I am always searching myself meeting a real cuckoldress is a big turn on for me, only the thought about a woman who is honest about her preference for sex with well endowed bulls, but on the side wants to have her own cuckold to serve her and her lovers. On my search I came across an interesting dating add which I like to share with other cucks around this blog, the cuckold who will be chosen by her will be in for a real cuckold date most probably the date of his life. Check out some quotes from the dating profile I found.

“Just to give you a small sense of who I am. I am sensual, confident, articulate, fun, intelligent, motivated, charming and most importantly genuine.”

I  am seeking a wealthy, cultured, fun cuckold – who knows how to spoil his Princess.  There are many types of cuckold – which are you?

Are you a voyuer cuck?

Are you a bi-cuck?

Are you a sissy cuck?

Are you a chastity cuck?

Are you a humiliation cuck?

Are you a cuck who will be watching or waiting?

Are you brave enough, dedicated enough and honest enough to find out”?

only contact me if you fully understand the context of this type of relationship, are ready to proceed long term – and can afford it.

Cuckoldress Seeks Serious Cuckold

Cuckoldress Seeks Serious Cuckold

She had also added some photos to her profiles, cleavage shots and some of her legs in stockings and high heels even just some photos of very sexy high heels if you want to search for cuckold femdom date your self you can Click Here

01 31st, 2010

Hello guys and girls meet cuckoldress Jinxy Pie I had just found her site and some video of her on youtube
this woman is the real deal cuckoldress and sh documents her life on her own site, where you can hear her speak about cuckolding her sissy husband and her need for big cock, damn trust me if you step into her world your cock will be very happy…

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banner_b Cuckoldress Jinxy Pie

cuckoldress Jinxy Pie invites all bulls of any race but mostly I see her freakin on big black cocks

Today I was sitting in the sauna after my work out and there was this black guy sitting there and we started to chat a bit , first of all this guy was bregging about how well he was build and that he only did work out for 7 months and that everybody thinks he works out for years …anyway

let me try to keep things interesting here  for all ya cuckold story lovers …

We talked about working out and I mentioned steroids , and he said yeah a real stupid thing to do indeed , because your cock won’t work anymore afterwards , and then he  said that in Africa if a man can’t properly fuck he isn’t considered a real man and your family will not be happy with you , I told him I think that will be the case in practically all cultures . wouldn’t you agree with me dear reader?

He said If you can’t fuck your wife or girl right she will seek another cock to get her satisfaction , I nodded

and that will put your family to shame , and I said I understand this whole concept :)

Then he told me that he had lots of experience with girls coming to him complaining about their partners and he laughed and I told him yes I know about this shit ;)

Basically cuckolds will be found in all cultures even in africa , if you can’t satisfy your girl she will fuck other man and there isn’t much you can do …

this might not have been the most horny story about cuckolding you know , but it’s very basic about the concept and well the fucked up little thing might be what only few know that there are loads of men who get a kick out of being cuckolded and that the feel real alive when fully doninated and put into their place and there is a big chance dear reader that you are one of them , and well yes me writing this blog am also very much a suspect ;)

Degraded mexican cuckold in this cuckold story , it’s a damn hardcore story buddy and I have watched the whole cuckold video which comes with this photo and it’s damn hard humiliation , this cuckold gets really degraded to a useless piece of meat by the cuckold Queen Candy Monroe , it’s almost shocking the shit our Queen says , damn let me tell you a bit about this interracial cuckold story , for those craving the cuckold lifestyle ,this video is a must see , because as a cuckold you need to be able to take humiliations like this .

Well this little mexican cuckold dude comes into the room with Queen Candy and she is already amuzed by him , so she lets him strip down and plays herlittle games with him which is really hot to watch how this bigger and stronger blondeblack cock slut plays with her little cuckold and makes fun of his little cock , she asks him all kinds of questions and it seems all spontanious stuff coming from the Queen’s mouth ,

so she starts taping his cock to his ass and applies tape all over his body , just check the photo to see the result , then she writes on him a humiliating text ( so any cuckoldrix looking for some good cuckold humiliation ideas here is one ) write a humiliating text on him like the Queen did

she wrote ” Little Dick Loser Mussy Bitch ” ouch but damn its just so hot to see Candy humiliate cuckolds I fucking got turned on by this nasty blonde black cock slut , just can’t help it and I admit I love being a member to her site , she is fucking hot

little-dick-loser-mussy-bitch Interracial cuckold humiliation

08 5th, 2008

So what kind of duties does a cuckold have you might wonder , how does a hot Dominant female use a cuckold to improve her life , there are many things the cuckold is used to , most cuckolds are trained by their hot wifes and when time passes they will do anything their hot dominant wife tells them to do , one of the duties is called cuckold clean up duties , which refers to the cuckold licking the cum from his wifes hot body after her lover has cummed his big load all over hot female form , could you obey a hot wife when she tells you , lick it up cucky , lick it up you little bitch , hot wifes love to be pampers by their submissive partners and will train them for their own pleasure , Well the photo below comes from Candy Monroe our very own cuckold queen who has her own site filled with interracial cuckolding , very unique site , where the 22 year old rock babe humiliates small dicked men from all over the planet , while she celebrates big black cock , her little cuckold sluts are tied up , or send to the corner to play with their small pecker and after the big black cock has cummed all inside her or all over her , her dominant voice calls the cuckold to come and clean her up , this is the very best cuckold creampie eating you will find enjoy it

cum-cleaning-cuckold cuckold creampie eating

08 5th, 2008

Well well , would you feel ashamed if you would be a cuckold sissy , or would you enjoy every bit you can enjoy about it ? Life is short and many say God made this whole Universe for all of us to enjoy his creation , he didnt created all of us with the same position inside mother nature , some have BIG cocks some have small ones , some have loads of testostrone others like sissies have less testostrone then even the average Dominant female , its all good , we are what we are ( hidden message :P ) okay okay enough talking ethically correct to all my friends who visit my cuckold blog , lets all be happy the way we are and fulfull our dreams ( another message ) So i did it again , hope you dont mind and enjoy this subject together with me .

Today I found a guy who is real embodiement of the sissy cuckold , wearing his pink girly dress he is front of his hot wife and her high testostrone lover , the laugh at him , how humiliating this must be , the laugh at the sissy in this cuckold chasity story , are you curious about this episode with the little sissy in his pink dress , would you like to be him , or just like to watch how a ‘male’ is humiliated when his hot sexy wife fucks a real MALE well then you might find some pleasure at the site where i found this cuckold image

cuckold-humiliation Sissy Cuckold Chasity stories

:) whooohooo :) another update with the Cuckold Queen , or shall I say HEY GUYS another update with our Queen our pride and joy cuckold Queen Candy Monroe , the 22 year old babe who almost loves cuckolding as much as she loves being a slut for big black cocks well today she is making fun with her new guest cuckold , must be some member from her site who volunteers to come to her place to serve as her cuckold , well they are having some fun when Candy rides him like a horse , only sad thing maybe is that he aint hung like a horse so she just rides his back and teases him a bit , then enough of this childish play , Candy ties up her cuckold humiliates him infront of her new black lover , and lets the hung black man fuck her wide pussy :P , after the black man leaves to go do  other cool stuff , the small dick white cuckold is called to come to the Queen of cuckolding to clean her up , which means licking all the black man’s cum of her hot body , another great episode of interracial cuckolding with the very geniune cuckolding Queen

Candy Monroe is hot 22 year old cuckoldrix who is really in heat , watch her passion filled videos now

cuckold-cowgirl Cowgirl cuckolds her small cocked horsy

08 5th, 2008

Howdy Ho , welcome again on my cuckold blog , hope you are liking the stuff im presenting you with , if you dont thats too bad , but I still love this stuff im showing her , as im nuts about cuckolding stories photos and videos , so I love doing the research which is involved in making this a great cuckold blog

Today its all about the Cuckold Wedding Day :)

Watch how the Misses maked her wedding day into the most beautifull day of her life , by sucking the best mans big dick next to her small cock cuckold husband , who learns his place from the beginning of the wedding , this hot wife will train this little wimp dick into being her household slave and her pay the bill slaves , which is also the case for many men who arnt being cuckolded ;)

the promise between man and wife must be a bit different in the case of a hot wife cuckold wedding , would the priest use a different sermon to wed the 2 souls ? I have no idea as I  was never invited to a cuckold marriage , maybe you have married a hot wife and can share some details here with all of us .

personally i think marriage is the ultimate slave contract for a submissive slave male

cuckold-marriage cuckold wedding stories

Okay the next cuckold photo might be shocking to some , and a BIG BIG Turn On to others , Well let me start with first things first ….Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce the True Cuckold Queen Miss Candy Monroe , she is  22 years old and has very Dominant face featers like the I dont give a fuck eyes , this cruel sexy girl covered in tattoos has 2 Big passions … 1 fucking BIG  BLACK COCK 2 humiliating small white penises

Cuckold Queen is the title she defends every week on her site , where she is writing historie in cuckold storie land , I havent seen such a harsh hot cuckold site ever to be honest ,  she uses white boys to help her dress , to do her nails , clean her house , and when her BLACK LOVERS come into play some are used as a human table , where the black man and she can rest their feet on ,

The cuckold in the pic belowhas gotten a real good treatment from the Cuckold Queen , she has dropped hot wax on his ass for some time and made him lay down as you all can see , and she puts her big high heeld shoes on top of his back while a hung black man is playing her from behind , this is interracial cuckolding coming straight from the depths of your wildes dreams , I say this site Is a must join for al cuckolding lovers , give it a try , im doing the same thing and trust me , this hot nasty BITCH makes me cum when she humiliated another small dick cuckold in front of her black lover

cuckold-under-highheels Cuckold Queen Candy Monroe

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