cuckold wedding stories

Howdy Ho , welcome again on my cuckold blog , hope you are liking the stuff im presenting you with , if you dont thats too bad , but I still love this stuff im showing her , as im nuts about cuckolding stories photos and videos , so I love doing the research which is involved in making this a great cuckold blog

Today its all about the Cuckold Wedding Day :)

Watch how the Misses maked her wedding day into the most beautifull day of her life , by sucking the best mans big dick next to her small cock cuckold husband , who learns his place from the beginning of the wedding , this hot wife will train this little wimp dick into being her household slave and her pay the bill slaves , which is also the case for many men who arnt being cuckolded ;)

the promise between man and wife must be a bit different in the case of a hot wife cuckold wedding , would the priest use a different sermon to wed the 2 souls ? I have no idea as I  was never invited to a cuckold marriage , maybe you have married a hot wife and can share some details here with all of us .

personally i think marriage is the ultimate slave contract for a submissive slave male

cuckold-marriage cuckold wedding stories

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