03 20th, 2009

Today I was sitting in the sauna after my work out and there was this black guy sitting there and we started to chat a bit , first of all this guy was bregging about how well he was build and that he only did work out for 7 months and that everybody thinks he works out for years …anyway

let me try to keep things interesting here  for all ya cuckold story lovers …

We talked about working out and I mentioned steroids , and he said yeah a real stupid thing to do indeed , because your cock won’t work anymore afterwards , and then he  said that in Africa if a man can’t properly fuck he isn’t considered a real man and your family will not be happy with you , I told him I think that will be the case in practically all cultures . wouldn’t you agree with me dear reader?

He said If you can’t fuck your wife or girl right she will seek another cock to get her satisfaction , I nodded

and that will put your family to shame , and I said I understand this whole concept :)

Then he told me that he had lots of experience with girls coming to him complaining about their partners and he laughed and I told him yes I know about this shit ;)

Basically cuckolds will be found in all cultures even in africa , if you can’t satisfy your girl she will fuck other man and there isn’t much you can do …

this might not have been the most horny story about cuckolding you know , but it’s very basic about the concept and well the fucked up little thing might be what only few know that there are loads of men who get a kick out of being cuckolded and that the feel real alive when fully doninated and put into their place and there is a big chance dear reader that you are one of them , and well yes me writing this blog am also very much a suspect ;)

12 8th, 2008

Degraded mexican cuckold in this cuckold story , it’s a damn hardcore story buddy and I have watched the whole cuckold video which comes with this photo and it’s damn hard humiliation , this cuckold gets really degraded to a useless piece of meat by the cuckold Queen Candy Monroe , it’s almost shocking the shit our Queen says , damn let me tell you a bit about this interracial cuckold story , for those craving the cuckold lifestyle ,this video is a must see , because as a cuckold you need to be able to take humiliations like this .

Well this little mexican cuckold dude comes into the room with Queen Candy and she is already amuzed by him , so she lets him strip down and plays herlittle games with him which is really hot to watch how this bigger and stronger blondeblack cock slut plays with her little cuckold and makes fun of his little cock , she asks him all kinds of questions and it seems all spontanious stuff coming from the Queen’s mouth ,

so she starts taping his cock to his ass and applies tape all over his body , just check the photo to see the result , then she writes on him a humiliating text ( so any cuckoldrix looking for some good cuckold humiliation ideas here is one ) write a humiliating text on him like the Queen did

she wrote ” Little Dick Loser Mussy Bitch ” ouch but damn its just so hot to see Candy humiliate cuckolds I fucking got turned on by this nasty blonde black cock slut , just can’t help it and I admit I love being a member to her site , she is fucking hot

little-dick-loser-mussy-bitch Interracial cuckold humiliation

cuckold blog

Author: admin
08 5th, 2008

hello friends welcome to my cuckold blog , the place where I will write about something im truly passionate about , cuckolding stories , this does not mean that I will only write stories , no I will write about cuckold video clips I found on the net and I will even write about stories I have read , also I will share fantasies and cuckolding things from my own life , from my own hearth as somebody who gets turned on by reading and watching cuckolding , my ideal relationship would be with a hot wife who would love me dearly care for me dearly and I would also love her alot but just she will be the powerful hot wife who can is better in getting from life what she wants and I want to support her in having the best life she can have, which would be true priveledge for me , I have experience with having hot girl friends who started to dominate me and I think many readers must also have discovered themselves in such a experimental way , later I would have fantasies about my hot ex girlfriends pushing my limits when they introduce big cocked lovers and make me help them get ready for them , maybe even driving them to their date with the bull of their choice , then later I pick her up and she will without any inhabition tell me about her lover the sex she had and how happy she is with me taking such good care of her , back at home I would continue to pamper her , maybe a big bath is allready ready for her , filled with the best aromas and best bubbles waiting to love her hot body , well I can tell you I can still miss the girl who dominated me so much , even calling me her own sissy , how could I ever run away ? not realizing that a hot wife is such precious thing especially if nature designed you for being a cuckold slave husband , but life goes on and we all learn from  our mistakes and eventually I hope all of us will succeed in fullfilling what ever dreams we might have