Cuckold stories

Author: admin
10 11th, 2010

In today’s rapid evolving society, some are confronted with the frontier of evolution, driven by the female force, the female desires and needs, what lovers qualify for women of the internet age? Do they still like romantic and tender men? or are women of the internet age looking for prehistoric strong men who fuck their brains out a couple of times per day? Well I have been doing my research in the frontier of this battle field and have noticed some things, I think that cuckolding is booming and more and more hot wives realize that they are way to strong for their weak male partners and that there are many women on the internet placing ads, ads which goes something like this…hot wife seeks strong bull with big cock and mostly when clicking the ad you will read something like, wanted strong potent bull who is also well endowed to fuck sexy 36 year old wife while husband watches….
I think cuckolding will be growing out of the fantasy into the reality of many many cuckold wimps who got to hot wives for them to handle, besides this cuckolds will be put in place more and more as cuckolding goes mainstream, more and more women will learn how to handle cuckolds and know that they are best to be servants and bill payers or they should get the hell out, well and to all those cucks and wannabe’s who don’t get their daily humiliations from their wife or girlfriend more and more sites are catering to you, and I’m also going to help those with some nice

The sexy hot wife in this interracial cuckold video goes to a relation therapist complaining about her husbands lack of bedroom performance and lack of penis size, the doctor prescribes two big black cocks and the husband will be supporting the wife he lucky bastard ;)